Fixinit Launches Upfront Pricing With Guarantee That Prices are in the Average for a User’s Zip Code for Its On-Demand Business Model for Home Repair and Services

Fixinit, Inc., a trailblazer in the realm of on-demand home services and repairs, proudly introduces a game-changing feature to its rideshare model — upfront pricing. With this innovation, Fixinit customers across the Lehi, Draper, and American Fork areas in Utah can now experience the convenience of a rideshare-like platform for home services, complete with transparent cost estimates and a commitment to a 60-minute arrival time at their door.

Fixinit’s rideshare model transforms the way homeowners approach repairs and maintenance tasks. By combining the reliability of professional home services with the convenience of a rideshare platform, Fixinit has created a seamless and efficient solution for customers seeking prompt and transparent home repairs.

Key Features of Fixinit’s Upfront Pricing and Rideshare Model

Rideshare Convenience for Home Repairs: Fixinit’s model mirrors the ease of ridesharing by connecting customers with a network of skilled technicians in their local area. Fixinit allows users to request services and track their technician’s arrival time.

Upfront Pricing for Transparency: Fixinit customers can now view the average cost of a service before confirming an appointment. This level of transparency empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their home repairs, eliminating surprise costs and ensuring financial predictability.

Speedy 60-Minute Arrival: Fixinit’s commitment to efficiency is highlighted by its 60-minute arrival time guarantee. By connecting customers with nearby home repair technicians, Fixinit minimizes wait times, ensuring prompt and reliable service.

Quality Assurance: Fixinit maintains a rigorous vetting process for its network of technicians, ensuring that customers receive reliable and high-quality service with every appointment.

Fixinit’s founder and CEO Josh Diamond expressed excitement about the evolution of the company’s rideshare model, stating, “Our rideshare for home services and repairs brings unprecedented convenience to homeowners. With upfront pricing, we are taking transparency to the next level, providing customers with the ability to make decisions that suit their needs and budget. Everyone knows how to call a car to their house when they need it; we’re providing the same convenience and support to the home services and home repair market.”

Residents in the Lehi, Draper, and American Fork areas have already embraced the transformative nature of Fixinit’s rideshare model for home services and repairs. As Fixinit expands its services, the company remains dedicated to reshaping the home services industry through innovation and customer-centric solutions.

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About Fixinit, Inc.

Fixinit, Inc. is a leading provider of on-demand home services and repairs, offering a revolutionary rideshare model that connects customers with skilled technicians in their local area. With a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Fixinit is reshaping the landscape of home services. For more information, visit

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