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Revolutionizing the Service Industry with On-Demand Solutions.

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are key factors in almost every aspect of our lives.

From ordering food at the touch of a button to hailing a ride within minutes, the on-demand economy has transformed the way we access services. But what if this convenience could extend beyond just food and transportation? What if you could find a service provider for essential tasks like HVAC and electrical repair with the same ease and speed as booking a ride? Meet FixinIt.Live, the innovative platform that’s bringing the Uber/Lyft experience to the service industry.

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The Birth of FixinIt.Live

FixinIt.Live was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who identified a gap in the service industry and sought to bridge it. Josh, the owner of an HVAC business, saw the need to fill gaps in his team’s schedule and provide services to consumers on the same day. Mark, a technology enthusiast, recognized the potential for a platform that could connect consumers in need of immediate service with skilled professionals in real-time.

Their shared experiences and expertise led them to a simple yet groundbreaking idea: What if they could create a platform that connects consumers in need of immediate service with skilled professionals in real-time? Inspired by the success of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, they set out to revolutionize the service industry with FixinIt.Live.

Benefits of FixinIt.Live


FixinIt.Live puts the power in the hands of consumers, allowing them to find and book service providers instantly, even during emergencies.


Service providers can optimize their schedules by accepting on-demand requests, reducing idle time and increasing productivity.


Users can review and rate service providers, ensuring a high level of transparency and accountability in the industry.

Fast Response Times

With real-time tracking and immediate availability, FixinIt.Live ensures that urgent service needs are addressed promptly.

Increased Business Opportunities

Service providers can tap into a larger customer base and expand their businesses with ease.

Challenges and Future Growth

While FixinIt.Live has the potential to disrupt the service industry positively, it also faces challenges, including ensuring the quality and reliability of service providers and navigating regulatory issues. However, the founders are committed to addressing these challenges and continue to innovate and improve the platform.

As FixinIt.Live continues to gain traction, it could potentially expand its services to include a wider range of home and professional services, further enhancing its value to both consumers and service providers.

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FixinIt.Live is changing the way we access essential services by bringing the convenience and efficiency of the on-demand economy to the service industry.

Josh and Mark’s vision has the potential to transform how we address everyday household issues and offers a win-win solution for both consumers and service providers. With FixinIt.Live, finding a service provider for HVAC, electrical repair, and more is as easy as hailing a ride. The future of service is here, and it’s called FixinIt.Live.

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