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What makes us different from the rest?

FixinIt was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs who identified a gap in the service industry and sought to bridge it. Josh, the owner of an HVAC business, saw the need to fill gaps in his team’s schedule and provide services to consumers on the same day. Mark, a technology enthusiast, recognized the potential for a platform that could connect consumers in need of immediate service with skilled professionals in real-time.

Their shared experiences and expertise led them to a simple yet groundbreaking idea: What if they could create a platform that connects consumers in need of immediate service with skilled professionals in real-time? Inspired by the success of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, they set out to revolutionize the service industry with FixinIt.

Get matched with local Utah pros from Layton to Provo area for your next home project.

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We put the power in the hands of consumers, allowing them to find & book service providers instantly, even during emergencies.

Fast Response Times

With real-time tracking and immediate availability, FixinIt ensures that urgent service needs are addressed promptly.


Users can review and rate service providers, ensuring a high level of transparency and accountability in the industry.

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